Spitfire Friends Song Lyrics | Pelli Choopulu Movie (2016)

Spitfire Friends Song Lyrics | Pelli Choopulu Movie (2016)

Spitfire Friends Song Lyrics:

Spitfire Friends song lyrics from  Pelli Choopulu movie. this song is sung by Nikhil Bharadwaj, music produced by Vivek Sagar. It stars nandu, Ritu Varma, Vijay devarakonda in main roles, this movie released in 2016. The soundtrack album is composed by Vivek Sagar. Produced by Raj kandukuri, Yash rangineni.

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Spitfire Friends Song details:

Movie: Pelli Choopulu (2016)
Cast: Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma
Music: Vivek Sagar
Singer: Nikhil Bharadwaj
Lyrics: Nikhil Bharadwaj
Director : Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam
Producer : Raj Kandukuri, Yash Rangineni
Release Date: 29th July 2016

Pelli Choopulu Telugu Movie Songs | Spitfire Friends Full Song With Lyrics | Nandu | Ritu Varma:

Spitfire Friends Lyrics:

Ah ah yo
Ah ah what! `Yeah

Listen to the
Words that we be spinning
For the masses coming
At u` with lines
Harder than a chassis
Uplift your minds
Get ready for a fight

Fight push as hard as you can
And use all your mind
You stand together
Repelling corruption
Erasing Lyricshubillusions
For a better nation
Music can be man
Such a potent potion
So make your wider

Wider than an ocean
Hip`hop is an answer
To all my questions
So think about your art
It might chance your pereception
Truth in `the` letters
Breathing through emotions
With conscious tunes
I bring `u my notion

Look around you
All the simple things you do
All the stuff man
Hat u` going through
Nice shiny armors

Swinging their `word swords
Till our voice bust the roof off
Bringing life in `u rag dolls
Heavier than a waterfall
Music` is my inner
Call more like breathin
Let’s call it spiritual

I’m consciously `abducted
Negatively depleted
Its an` old subject
With a` new concept
I write my lines in
The future’s prospect
Let my lines `be your past
Or your present

Don’t do things man
That u gonna resent
World out there be cold and wicked
Gotta reap your rewards
With `a sharp sickle
The grain that you gain
Gets you `the nickle
Rewards get used
Leaving you confused
Life is a strict `race

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